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Connect With Other Members

Use ClubRunner to connect with other members.

Watsonville Rotary Committees

Club Service – Administration

John Kegebein, Chair

Membership Development and New Member Information

Al Greeninger & Rob Allen

Work with the entire Club membership to identify, approach, and attract new members to our Club. Facilitate orientation sessions for prospective new members. Organize information about new members for inclusion in ClubRunner (the Club’s member and email database) including photo, birthday, spouse, occupation, address, phone number, and email.

New Member Mentor Match

Gina Swan & Renee Mello

In each new member’s first year, assign two existing members who will commit to introducing the new member to other Watsonville Rotarians at meetings and events, providing information about Club service opportunities and events, and making sure the new member feels welcomed and included among the Club’s new and unfamiliar faces.

Club Bulletin (“PIPPIN”)

Peter Barr

Take notes during meetings and send a weekly email to Club members summarizing the essence of the past week’s meeting and program, and inform members about future Rotary meeting topics, speakers, and events.


Steve Henderson

Administer the bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and tax reporting requirements of the Club and produce monthly Financial Reports to the Board of Directors for both the Club and the Watsonville Rotary Foundation. Manage the electronic books and accounts receivables and payables.

Finance Committee

John Kane III, Chair

Meets as needed to create, review and update financial policies and recommend adoption as appropriate to the Board of Directors.


Kelly Anderson

Assist the Treasurer in tracking membership. Send out Club dues and meal invoices, track Club correspondence, provide Accounts Payable with invoices, Accounts Receivable with receipts, make reservations for venue and meals, take notes at Board meetings and draft minutes of same to be included in the next month’s board meeting packet for approval.

Meeting Programs

John Skinner

Create wish list for program speakers, make requests to potential program presenters, calendar programs, communicate guidelines for program presentations with presenters, and coordinate with them regarding their requirements.  Communicate meeting topics calendar to the Club membership and promote attendance.


Celia Organista­­

Direct and oversee new Red Badge members’ participation in preparation of Club meeting venue by hanging banners, preparing podium with bell, setting out badge carriers, and breaking down same.

Nominating Committee

Mike Milward
 Michael Milward

Provide suggestions to the Council of Past Presidents for nominees to be considered for President Elect.

District Liaison

Carol Turley

Assist President in communicating the events, activities and projects taking place at the District 5170 level and encourage members to attend and/or support them.


Jennifer Keiderling

Arranges music selections for each meeting and enlivens the club with piano accompaniment.


Rob Allen

Schedule the “detectives” at weekly meeting.  The Detective calls on and fines members in a lighthearted way to raise funds for Club programs and support of the community.


George Erickson

Coordinate members to provide the weekly meeting invocation.


Art Hayashi

Plan non-meeting events that will foster a sense of fellowship and camaraderie and provide an opportunity for Club members to have fun and get to know each other in a purely social and/or recreational setting.

Public Relations & Website Coordinator

Cynthia Druley

Enhance the Club’s public profile using social media, the website and other mediums to share the Watsonville Rotary’s story with the community and prospective members about who we are, what we do, future events and programs, and the support we offer to our community through local service programs and financial grants and other support.

Fundraising Event Activities

Kathleen King, Chair

The committee coordinates members’ participation in enlisting sponsors, soliciting live and silent auction items, marketing, and coordinating all the logistics for the Annual Lobster Feed and Gala.  This event is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Club.

Annual BBQ

Tom House & John Kegebein

Plan annual BBQ event for Club members and their friends and families.

Grants Review Committee

Kathleen King, Chair

Lead the Community Grants Review Committee in the process of its annual marketing, evaluating, and awarding of community grants that are aligned with the Club’s funding priorities.

Interact Club Liaison

Carol Turley

Support local high school youth involvement in Rotary through their Interact Clubs at Watsonville High School and Ceiba College Preparatory Academy.  Attend some of their meetings and coordinate with Interactors regarding running a meeting at our Club and assigning members who will serve as liaison with Watsonville Rotary.

Student/School Support

Michael Jones, Chair

Coordinate with Rotary-adopted school Principals for E.A. Hall, Renaissance High, and New School regarding the “Student of the Month” presentation at our Club and our Club’s occasional off-site lunch meetings at the schools.  Coordinate scholarships awards and presentations at the end of the school year, track scholarship recipients, and invite them to attend a meeting or otherwise stay in contact with Club.

Speech Contest

Mike Milward

Work with local schools to raise awareness of the Contest, coordinate the speech contest meeting program for our meeting, and serve as liaison between District and Club and speech contestants regarding the next rounds of speech competition.

Boy Scouts

Ken Rogers

Continue the tradition of Club support of our local Boy Scout Troop.  Provide the Club with information regarding ways to help and provide the Troop information on how they can help the Club.

Vocational Projects

Murry Schekman

Coordinate the Club’s the annual “job shadowing day” for Watsonville High School students with the Watsonville High staff. Enlist Club members to volunteer to have students shadow at their (or others’) workplaces and/or to provide transportation for the students for the day.  Ensure coordination with Watsonville High School regarding the signing of parent permissions/authorizations.

Youth Exchange

Carol Turley

Recruit host families for international exchange students and assign a Club liaison to support the incoming students. Evaluate outgoing participants’ experience.

Rotary International Foundation Giving/Grants

John Kane III

Provide a presentation to the Club once each year explaining how the Club’s giving to Rotary Foundation works, the incentives to do so, and the “ins-and outs” of District Designated Funds coming back to Club.  Ensure that the Club complies with the deadline to designate its District Designated Funds and write grant requests.

International Projects

Rob Allen
Rob Allen

Identify international service projects for possible funding from Club and also for possible Club member direct support or hands-on participation.